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On these pages you can view whole slide images and snapshot of the seminar cases presented at the congress in Kraków. Diagnoses and handout pdf documents will become available after the congress.

Dermatopathology [100]  Sept 1st
Nephropathology [101]  Sept 1st
Pulmonary Pathology [102]  Sept 1st
Gynaecological Pathology [103]  Sept 2nd
Cytopathology [104]  Sept 2nd
Endocrine Pathology [105]  Sept 2nd
Breast Pathology [106]  Sept 2nd
Uropathology [107]  Sept 2nd
GI tumours [108]  Sept 2nd
Head and Neck Pathology [109]  Sept 2nd
Paediatric, Perinatal Pathology [110]  Sept 2nd
Liver and Pancreatobiliary Pathology [111]  Sept 3rd